H&M s/s 2011 preview

It’s cold and dark days like these that really make me long for spring. I long for the day I can wear floaty dresses, shorts and short skirts in all kinds of bright colors again, not wondering if I forgot to bring my jacket because otherwhise I would freeze outside. I long for the day not having to cover every inch of my body to prevent myself from getting a cold, but instead walk around in a simple tee or blouse and feeling the warm touch of the sun on my skin..

It’s not that I don’t like winter. I love the sight of a scenery covered in snow and the whole holiday atmosphere that comes with it. I love snow on Chrismas! But face it, snow is only fun when you are a kid and get to play with it, back in the time you had no worries.. Now it’s only a pain because you have to try to get from point A to B without falling (or slipping when you’re driving).

So every time new images of spring collections like these come out, I know that day will come.. I only hope that day comes around soon, because I love the leather shorts look and the white dress + gilet. Something to look forward to..

Images courtesy of H&M.



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