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What I’m wearing

Outfit | Spring Checkers

I’m sorry I’ve been on outfit hiatus for so long. Now that Spring has finally come, I thought it was about time to say goodbye to the winter blues and get back to business!

Outfit | 100 Days of Snow

There you have it, my first outfit post with my new sales purchases.

Outfit | Camo Cameleon

The snow is gone, and guess what we traded it for : rain and ice cold wind. At times like these I really envy LA bloggers with their Spring getups. To reflect my state of mind I felt like dressing a bit edgier this weekend, so I pulled out my camouflage printed jacket I bought last Autumn.

Outfit | Winter Wonderland

“Let’s wear this tule dress today”, she thought. “Let’s take it outside and shoot some pictures”, she thought.

Outfit | Here Comes The Snow

We had to miss out during the holidays unfortunately, but now it seems like it’s trying its hardest to catch up. While shooting this outfit last weekend it suddenly started snowing and it hasn’t stopped since. Looks like I might need to pull out my winter gear after all.

Outfit | Party On!

Following my previous post I’d like to continue with another one of my New Year’s resolutions; party more!

Outfit | Cotton Candy Kid

For today’s post we went shooting at the local playground where I literally spent half of my childhood.

Outfit | What’s That Jacket, Margiela?

No it’s not. But my shoes are! I shot this the weekend after the launch, when I was still in my post-event euphoria. The outfit is the result of a mix of inspirations; the oversized coat in the  Maison Martin Margiela x H&M campaign, part the styling from a Taiwanese drama I watched a while back and the whole sleeping in your boyfriend’s shirt idea.

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